Topics & Speakers

Barring any last-minute changes, this is the schedule of sessions and presenters:


9:00 - 10:00  Plenary Session -- Keynote Speaker: Jesus Garcia, Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

10:30—11:30    Simultaneous Sessions (1)

Quitobaquito and Sonoyta Valley

  • Historic and Current Management of Quitobaquito Pond and Springs, Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument (Tyler Coleman)
  • Groundwater Trends in the Sonoyta Valley Borderlands and Implications for Vulnerable Aquatic Species (Peter Holm)

Native Plants and Restoration

  • Building a Native Plant Materials Program in the Borderlands: Successes & Next Steps (Allegra Mount)
  • RAMPS: The Restoration Assessment and Monitoring Program for the Southwest (Molly McCormick)

Recent Excavations at a Late Archaic Period Site

  • Archaic Hunter-Gatherers in Childs Valley: Archaeological Excavations along Manned Range 1 Road on the BMGR East (Robert Wegener)
  • Landscapes and Plants used by Prehistoric People of the Ajo Area (Sue Rutman, Karen Adams, Susie Smith, Robert Wegener)


11:30—1:00   Lunch with Poster Session

1:00—2:00   Simultaneous Sessions (2)

Pupfish and Mud Turtles

  • Current Population Status of the Sonoyta pupfish (Cyprinodon eremus) and Longfin Dace (Agosia chrysogaster) in the Agua Dulce Ramsar Site and Reproduction Refuges in Sonora, Mexico (Miguel Grageda Garcia)
  • Monitoring and Telemetry of Sonoran Mud Turtle (Kinosternon sonoriense longifemorale) at Sonoyta river (Hector García Miranda)

Borderlands Activism

  • Borderlands Activism -- Organizing Informed and Inspired by Science (Dan Millis)

Late Prehistory of the Gila Bend Area

  • Late Prehistory in the Gila Bend Area (David Doyel)

The Desert is Food

  • The DESERT is FOOD: Growing, Farming, and Research (Richard Felger)

2:30—3:30   Simultaneous Sessions (3)

Aquatic Systems

  • Aquatic Biodiversity, Food Web Dynamics, and Hydrology in the Rio Sonoyta Basin (Michael Bogan)
  • Monitoring of Aquatic Systems in U.S. National Parks in the Sonoran Desert (Andy Hubbard)

Species Monitoring on the Goldwater Range

  • An Evaluation of Spatial and Temporal Bat Habitat use Patterns at the Barry M. Goldwater Range East (Ron Mixan)
  • Amphibians, Reptiles, and Small Mammals on the Barry M. Goldwater Range – West (Sky Arnett-Romero)

O’odham Place Names, Traditions, Warfare, and Stories

  • The Pad ‘Aangam Tradition of the O’odham (Andrew Darling, Harry Winters)
  • Piipaash, Halychduum and O’odham, Centuries on the Gila (Harry Winters)

Movie Highlighting the Work of Richard Felger

  • The Guy who Cuts the Tops off Plants (Peter Blystone)

4:00—5:00  Simultaneous Sessions (4)

Aquatic Invertebrates and Pozos

  • From Dry Stream-Beds to Palm Spring Oases: Aquatic invertebrates of the Anza-Borrego Desert (Kate Boersma)
  • Hidden Water: Pozos of the Gran Desierto (Benjamin Wilder)

Innovative Approaches to Desert Insight

  • Learning by Drawing (Lee Ann Woolery)
  • Knowing by Naming (Gary Reger)

Indigenous Communities and Pottery Puzzles in the Western Papaguería

  • Indigenous Communities of the Papaguería at and since Colonial Contact (Aaron Wright)
  • Pottery of the Western Desert: Puzzles and Possiblities (Linda Gregonis, Rick Martynec)

Indigenous Dry Farming

  • Growing Corn in the Eagletail Mountains, Arizona: A Mystery (Douglas Newton)
  • O’odham Dry Farming (Sterling Johnson)



9:00—10:00  Simultaneous Sessions (5)

Ranching and Ranching Families in Ajo – Ajo Public Program

  • A Brief History of Ranching around Ajo (Robin Pinto, Bill Broyles)
  • Early Ranching Families of Ajo (Sue Rutman, Bill Broyles, Robin Pinto)

Climate Change and Vulnerability

  • A Look to Sonoran Plant Community Vulnerability to Changing Climate (Kathryn Thomas)
  • Vulnerability Analyses to Prioritize Species for Management: Case Study Using Desert Herpetofauna (Kerry Griffis-Kyle)

Native American Perspectives 

  • T-A:ga, Introduction to O'odham History and Culture (Bernard Siquieros, Jeannette Garcia, Dedric Lupe)

10:15—11:15    Simultaneous Sessions (6)

Mining in Ajo – Ajo Public Program

  • Ajo’s mining identity (Aaron Cooper + Panel)

Fire Risk and Fire Effects

  • Increased Fire Risk in Sonoran Creosote Shrublands due to Exotic Species and Climate Change (Kirk Moloney)
  • Prescribed Fire Effects on Habitat Components Important to the Critically Endangered Masked Bobwhite Quail (Colinus virginanus ridgwayi) using 30 Year Landsat Derived Fire History Data (Emily Yurcich)

Native American Perspectives—continued

  • T-A:ga, Introduction to O'odham History and Culture (Bernard Siquieros, Jeannette Garcia, Dedric Lupe)

11:30—12:30   Plenary Session – Ajo Public Program with Keynote Speaker, David Yetman: What Do Our Landmarks Mean?   

12:30—1:15  Lunch (outdoors at SDCC)

1:15—2:15   Simultaneous Sessions (7)

Pinacate as Analog for Planetary Exploration

  • The Pinacates and Surroundings: Used as Analogs in Planetary Exploration 1960s-2018 (William Hartmann)

Sonoran Desert Toad -- Ethnoherpetology

  • When Kware'epa Tricked Yuku: Ethnoherpetology and Conservation of Bufo alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad.  (Robert Villa)

O'odham Memoirs and the People at Chico Shunie

  • Born Before they Knew the Years had Numbers—Memoirs of Laura Kerman, Tohono O’odham Woman (Karen Reichhardt)
  • Chico Shunie Village and Temporal (Lorraine Eiler, Rick Martynec, Sandy Martynec)


2:30--3:30  Simultaneous Sessions (8)

Pinacate – Bombs and Blocks

  • Bombs and Blocks and Flying Rocks in Pinacate on the World’s most Enigmatic Volcano (Daniel Lynch)

Parks and the Santa Cruz River

  • The Lowermost Santa Cruz River: An Unappreciated Resource Within the Sonoran Desert (David Brown)
  • Monitoring Mammals with Remote Cameras in U.S. National Parks (Andy Hubbard)

People at Darby Wells Village

  • The People of Darby Wells Village (Bill Broyles, Sue Rutman)

The Bountiful Sonoran Desert Agave

  • Magueyes y Mezcales of the Sonoran Desert – A Hands-On Approach (Jesus Garcia)

3:45--4:45  Simultaneous Sessions (9)

Deep History of the Sonoran Desert

  • Deep History of the Sonoran Desert (Thomas Van Devender)

Endangered Species -- Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard and Sonoran Pronghorn

  • The Flat-Tailed Horned Lizard in the Yuma Desert Management Area: Studies of Demography, Occupancy, and Population Viability (Ashley Grimsley)
  • Sonoran Pronghorn Reintroduction on Kofa National Wildlife Refuge and Adjacent Lands (Christa Weise)

O’odham Cultural Resource Program

  • Tohono O’odham Cultural Resource Program (Jefford Francisco)

A New Kind of Company Town

  • A new kind of company town: the borderland, the desert, and the next extractive industry (Scott Warren)


9:00—10:00  Simultaneous Sessions (10)

Tinaja Database for Border Barriers

  • Launch of the Tinaja Data Base for Border Barriers and Wildlife Movements (Roger McManus)

Sahara Mustard

  • Diverse Soilborne Fungi may Influence the Coexistence between the Invasive Sahara Mustard and Native Desert Winter Annual Plants (Max Li)
  • Roads, Arroyos, and Vegetation: The Difference between Vectors and Preferred Habitat for Invasive Sahara Mustard in Southwestern Arizona (Jim Malusa)

Rock Art Study and Stone Balls – New Insights

  • They’ve Got Game: Stone Balls in Central Arizona (Sharlot Hart)
  • Becoming Human: Rock Art Depictions of Transformation in Landscapes of Emergence (Janine Hernbrode)

Chinese Farming and Tucson’s Mission Garden

  • Long Beans, Long Life. The History of Chinese Farming in the Tucson Basin (Dena Cowan)

10:30—11:30  Simultaneous Sessions (11)

Border – Wildlife Stewardship and Security Strategies

  • Panel Discussion on Incorporating Wildlife Stewardship in Security Strategies at the U.S./Mexico Border (Roger McManus)

Summit Paths and Native Travel

  • More Observations about Summit Paths and other Enigmatic Trail Features (Andy Laurenzi)
  • Human Travel through the Western Papaguería (Michael Spears, Maren Hopkins, T.J. Ferguson)

Sonoran Desert Foodways

  • Sonoran Desert Foodways: An Architecture of Local Food Meanings (Maribel Alvarez)

11:30—1:00 Lunch & Closing Plenary Session – Awards & Recognitions, Jesus Garcia, Keynote Speaker

Eventbrite - 4th Tri-National Symposium: Past, Present & Future of the Sonoran Desert