Make your room reservations early! 

Motel rooms in Ajo are expected to fill up quickly.  For that reason, we are providing information on lodging 40 miles north of Ajo in Gila Bend and 40 miles south in Sonoyta, Mexico. In Ajo, Gila Bend, and Sonoyta, motel room rates are very reasonable.  There are also beautiful tent and RV camping opportunities in the Ajo area. If you book lodging in Gila Bend, bus transportation will be available to Ajo.

Motels in Gila Bend:

 Motels in Sonoyta, Mexico:

  • Excelsior Motel 651-512-10-41, 512-10-45 
  • Sol Del Desierto  Call Vasquez Store:  From US 01152-651-512-1189 and from
       Mexico 01-651-512-1189


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